Artistic miracles result and self-esteem soars!  Renaissance Art Academy is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Fine Art as Renaissance Masters learned them centuries ago. As a Licenced studio for The Gluck Method, the world's largest Fine Arts Program, students begin learning the underlying principles for drawing and painting in a sequence of fun demonstrations, excercises, and assignments  precisely arranged to build artistic principles from the ground up. Even a person with no 'natural talent' will learn to draw and paint beautifully!

What happens when a child with an active imagination learns the real fundamentals of Fine Art?

                     Rhonda Cross - Authorized Instructor for
Nickey, Age  6
   Nickey, Age  6
Vy , Age  8
Megan, Age 7
Megan, Age  7
Nickey, Age  6
Tien, Age 6
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